Garner, NC Real Estate

homes in garner ncGarner is a thriving community located just eight miles south of Raleigh! Being so close to Raleigh as well as majors roadways like; I-40, 401, 70 and 50 has made many businesses choose Garner for their headquarters. Plenty of new shopping and retail also add to the enticement of moving to the Garner area!

Garner has become a “diamond in the rough” for many homebuyers. It is known as having more affordable housing while still being very close to Raleigh and its downtown area. Since development has been steady, but not explosive over the last decade, Garner has had time to plan for essential facilities and services to accommodate the growth that’s now coming its way, such as the Garner Senior Center or the newly developed Lake Benson Park.


Today, Garner is the place to find all the opportunities that go along with economic growth and all the benefits of city living in a less taxing, more gracious living and business environment. Even with this growth, you’ll still notice the quality, small town feel!

Garner is located just south of Raleigh and is a unique and inviting combination of the best of the old and the most innovative of the new.

Nowhere else in the state does the solid bedrock of family-oriented tradition and the progressive catalyst of new ideas and new technology meet and mingle. A truly fascinating harmony is found in our community of over 18,000 people.

That harmony has drawn thousands of new residents to Garner during the last 20 years as workers and leaders in business, industry, government and research look for an affordable, traditional home for their families. With Garner’s convenient access to one of the nation’s premier metropolitan areas, major transportation arteries, numerous universities, and the world famous Research Triangle Park, Garner has become a popular place to live and do business in recent years.

Garner is known for its neighborliness and spirit of cooperation. People in Garner are friendly and willing to help their neighbor. It doesn’t take a newcomer long to find activities that will engage their particular interest and help them meet interesting and caring people.

Garner is minutes away from enjoying an exhibit at the State Art Museum, rooting for one of the local Atlantic Coast Conference football teams, enjoying an evening’s entertainment with a live performance by the North Carolina Symphony, or taking a walk around any of the great parks. People of Garner also frequently visit Lake Benson, and take advantage of the trails, fishing, and playgrounds.

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