Waverly Place Renovation

Waverly Place Renovation

Plans to start all over at Waverly Place have been nixed as the financial crunch has limited the amount of money the new owners are willing to pay to renovate the 23 year old shopping center.

I for one am glad to hear it. I do not understand the need to tear everything down and start over.  (How green is that anyway?) We are definitely a disposable society aren’t we.

Waverly Place has a distinct look and the plans to make it a much more outdoor friendly space with waterfalls, edge pools, fire pits, a playground, space for a stage and a large lawn are a great idea in my opinion. (As a father of a 2 year old and 5 year old that is)  very exciting to me!


Something about Waverly Place I have always liked despite it not being a successful home for many retailers, fitness clubs etc.  Whole Foods which is pictured above has been one of the few mainstays of Waverly and should continue to anchor the shopping center.  Below is I picture I took outside of the shopping center which is an artist rendition of some of the changes being made to Waverly Place.   The renovation is expected to cost in the 15 million range and will hopefully be completed by April of 2011.


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