La Farm Bakery Cary, NC

La Farm Bakery Cary, NC

We were looking for a good bakery in Cary. We had tried a few “bagel” places, and supermarket bakeries, but they just weren’t of the level we were used to. Then I was told about a bakery in the Preston area of Cary, so we had to try it out. The bakery is La Farm on Cary Parkway, just north of High House Rd.

From the moment you open the door, your senses are overwhelmed. The smells of the baking bread, and treats are so wonderful. There are samples of delicious morsels strewn about the tables.

I was fortunate enough to be able to wrangle an online interview with Missy from La Farm this week. When asked what were the three most significant differences between La Farm, and other local bakeries, she responded.

1. “We are an authentic European bakery lead by one of the greatest bakers in our county.” The master baker Lionel Vatinet hails from prestigious Les Campagnons du Devoir Guild in France.

2. Lionel and La Farm have a passion for the highest quality bread and bakery items incorporating local ingredients and flavors.

3. Missy suggested that we try the new cornbread souffle made with historic Yates Mill corn meal!!! Sounds intriguing.

Missy was excited to explain that La Farm was being featured on Rachael Ray’s talk show this year and in the upcoming December issues of Food and Wine and Oprah Magazine  so please watch for your local Cary business!!

The Sourdough bread is not just the bland, white bread you find in supermarkets, but the real deal. It is a three day process steeped in tradition for Master Baker Lionel Vatinet to bake his sourdough bread. It is a stunning mixture of just the right tang, and smoothness coupled with a thick, crispy crust and dense bread. We also tried the La Farm Bread, which transported us to a street side bistro in Paris, where we were enjoying a plate of bread and cheeses, while sipping a deep Bordeaux and ruminating about the days events.

Just as dramatic as the breads, were the treats. I had a blueberry and raspberry tart that was to die for. It had a creamy smooth filling that mixed with the berries had a wonderful contrast of flavors, and the shell was again a dense pastry that complimented, yet contrasted the sweetness of the filling, with a rich buttery overtone. Est Magnifique.

Everything we tried was so wonderful, I can’t see us ever going back to grocery store bakeries again. If you love this part of Cary, like we do – learn more about the homes in Preston!  They are within walking distance!

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