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Do I need a home inspection if the home is new?

The fact is, Inspectors seldom find life-threatening mistakes in new homes. When I am showing new construction homes and townhouses I am often asked if it is necessary to have a home inspection with new construction.  It makes sense to feel that it might be a waste of money to pay for a home inspection when everything is new.  

I always advise clients to have one regardless of whether the home is brand new or an existing home in Raleigh.

Theoretically, the Building Inspector for Raleigh or Apex should be looking over the Builder’s shoulder.  But think about that – the building code in Raleigh is different than the code in Holly Springs which is different from Knightdale – so do you want to rely on the CITY to have the best standards in place?

This recommendation was really brought home to me yesterday when I attended a home inspection in a new construction house in Holly Springs.  During the home inspectors very thorough inspection several deficiencies came to light.

•·   There was a black line of mildew in the attic.

•·   The thermostats in each room had been wired incorrectly therefore the heat could only be controlled by turning a breaker on or off.

•·  The exterior doors did not have proper weather stripping.

Many Raleigh home buyers “Inspect” a home during the The Pre-Settlement / Final Walk-Through.  This hour or so is generally when the Raleigh building superintendent is walking through the house with the new owners, and is showing the home buyer how the systems in the house work, where the water cut off is, and any special details that need monitoring on a regular basis.

At this stage, simple painting touch-up and flooring corrections are about all that can be seen since the inspection will be primarily visual.  This is the point at which a new construction Home Inspection in Raleigh can be done – but the best practice is to have it done in all three stages, as your new home in Cary is being built.

STAGE #1.  Foundation Inspection.  Beginning with the electrical, plumbing, perimeter drainage and grading, if builder error is not discovered prior to pouring of the slab, the house will be constructed with defects that will remain permanent.
STAGE #2.  Pre-Drywall Inspection.   This is the stage of construction at which about 25% of home buyers will have a home inspection.  Prior to the drywall being installed, many construction defects can be observed by the home inspector.
STAGE #3.  Final Pre-Settlement Walk-Through.  This is the state at which most home buyer will have their new home inspection.  Of course, if there are any construction defects behind the drywall, they’ll remain to cause possible trouble in the future.

Again, the question is do you need a Home Inspection for a new house?  I believe that if you have a Raleigh Home Inspection prior to the walk through  – then you are armed with a list of deficiencies that you may not have otherwise noticed, when you do your final walk through with the builder (or superintendent) to list and repair any deficiencies.

If you have an questions about home inspections in Cary, or if you are looking for a home in Raleigh,  please contact Raleigh Cary Realty at (919) 439-0965.

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